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"Lun - Jiangnan Plaza is located in Shanghai city of Putuo District West Road No. 1003, formerly the Jiangnan papermaking factory site. Located in the central location of the Suzhou River planning, south near Suzhou River, Caoyang Road is faced on the west, north near Shanghai banknote printing plant, adjacent to the Delong road 13, line 11 subway station; plots showed a dumbbell, both construction area 7918.7 square meters, including the size of a total of eight buildings.

"Lun - Jiangnan square development emphasizes high purposive high standards, combined with the surrounding planning, positioning for the" Su River 18 bends chief fashion cultural landmark, mainly in the fashion industry, advertising and exhibition industry as a supplement, culture and art industry as a link, commercial facilities for the embellishment, create a set of Boutique shopping, cultural display, leisure and tourism, business matching is one of the creative industry concentration zone.


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